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Beginnerís Guide to Anal Sex

Posted by Soiar on 1/24/2015

Anal sex can be a daunting topic in the bedroom with many lovers hesitant to open that back door due to worries about safety, dirtiness, and pain. However, the truth is that anal sex can be very enjoyable for the even the most vanilla of couples as long and the chocolate choice is properly made.

Painless Anal Sex

Yes, anal sex can hurt. It can be painful just as any type of sex can hurt when done roughly or without proper preparation. But, anal sex can also be done in ways that do not hurt. The first step to experiencing painless anal is to understand that the anal cavity did not evolve for sex and does not self lubricate. This means that when it comes to sliding anything into it, you need to be fully lubricated. And, you do want to start the journey with items smaller than a penis such as fingers or small anal plugs as you likewise manipulate her clitoris or his testicles. Going this route will allow your partner to relax and enjoy the physical stimulation; relaxing is the key to painless anal sex.  

Clean Anal Sex

There is no getting around the log in the room: the anal cavity does hold feces. Therefore, it is best to fully empty your bowels before you start anal play. Also, you will want to clean your backside beforehand as well.

If you are going to use condoms, use a water-based lubricant since oil based can damage condoms. And, make sure you never place something inside the vagina after it has entered the anus.

Safe Anal Sex

Following the suggestions above will go a long ways towards making anal sex safe. By being relaxed, well-lubed, cleaned, ready, and gentle, you can be assured that your anal cavity will not be damaged or hurt.

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