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Everything You Need to Know About Male Condoms

Posted by Soiar on 1/9/2015

As far as contraceptives go, thereís not a better known and more widely used one than the male condom. The proverbial rubber is often the only thing that stands between people and unwanted pregnancy, as well as nasty infections and diseases. People love condoms because, even though they are generally perceived as something that diminishes the feeling of sex, they are very effective in what they do, and they are very available and inexpensive.

Male condoms are most commonly made from latex, however, in case youíre allergic to it, you can find condoms made from polyurethane, or even lamb skin. As for their effectiveness, if used properly, they should be effective in 97-98% cases. Still, condoms are frequently used in an improper manner, which might damage them and make them less effective. Some of the common mistakes people make with condoms is storing them in a way that damages them, opening condoms with teeth, waiting until the penis become flaccid after ejaculation to pull it out, and even using a single condom more than once.

If used in conjunction with lubricants, male condoms can be easily damaged if the lubricants in question are oil based ones, like Vaseline. Water based lubricants, on the other hand, donít damage condoms, and they are the choice you should make if you donít want your condom to break during sexual intercourse. Speaking of lubricants, using a spermicide as one might be a bad idea, because studies have emerged claiming that a spermicide called nonoxynol 9 not only fails to protect from STIs, but it might also help you get them. So, steer clear of spermicides and condoms with already added spermicides.

Of course, you should always think about additional contraceptive methods you could be using. But if youíre not sure which is a good fit for you, the humble male condom will do just fine, as long as you use it in the way itís intended to be used. And try not to make the act of putting on the condom a big thing, as it could ruin the mood. Instead, try to incorporate it into foreplay. Make yourself, and your partner, comfortable with the idea that there will be a thin layer of rubber between you, and enjoy in probably the most enjoyable activity there is.

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