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PA-5000 (1.125 Inch Diameter)

Part Number AA885-2
PA-5000 (1.125 Inch Diameter)
PA-5000 (1.125 Inch Diameter)
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UPC : 94922400000
Brand : CB6000
Packaging: Retail Packaging
Weight : 0.2
Color: Black
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The PA-5000 is designed for the man desiring the ultimate in male chastity. You can purchase it in three different inside diameters: 1 inch, 1.125 inch or 1.25 inch. The three hooks are for a 5 gauge piercing with a diameter of .188 inches.

Also included is an extension piece that can be glued to the cage making it slightly longer. Make sure to try it before gluing it to the cage. A drop of superglue on each side of the extension will hold it into place to the cage. Note the recessed area for gluing.

Installation Instructions:
  • Measuring for Size:
    • While in a relaxed state, hold the penis as far away from the body as possible. Measure the diameter of the shaft. Example: If the shaft measures 1 inch in diameter, order a 1.125 inch PA-5000. You should allow 0.125 inch clearance for hygiene purposes.
  • Assembly:
    • Attach the leather strip thru your existing PA ring. Drop it thru the cage portion and guide the penis thru while holding onto the cage. Make sure the head of the penis clears the end of the cage. Smooth any loose skin at the bottom of the penis back towards the body. Remove your PA ring and replace it with one of the three hooks provided with the order. Line up the hook with the locking slot in the cage. Turn the cam lock to lock in place. An additional ring is enclosed for extending the length of the cage. It is recommended that you use 2 pieces of 0.5 inch long waterproof tape on each side to hold the extender in place and wear it for at one week. If you want to permanently use the extender, put a drop of superglue on each side and allow it to completely dry prior to wearing.
  • Cleaning/Hygiene:
    • Lather head and shaft of penis with a natural soap. Using the right thumb slide the head of the penis forward and up inserting the small finger on the left hand in order to clean around the piercing pin and inside of the cage. Repeat the steps with the left thumb and right small finger to clean the right side. Rinse both areas thoroughly with water. Hold the penis head and back of cage at the same time. Allow the water to freely run thru the cage removing all soap residue.
Note: Device Requires a Prince Albert Piercing.
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