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Sex Toy Materials

Posted by Soiar on 1/9/2015

Making a choice among the many sex toys on offer today has more than one component to it. You need to choose the type of toy, depending on how itís used and what itís used for. You need to choose the size, depending on, again, what do you want it for and your personal preferences. Price and brand should be considered as well. But you should never, ever, leave the material out of the equation. Itís important, for safety reasons. And there are two ways the materials used for making sex toys influence safety: by their porousness and chemical composition.

Porousness refers to the ability of the material to hold matter in tiny nooks and crannies. The more porous the material, the higher the chance some bacteria might get into it, which could later cause you infections. If toys are shared between partners, or used for both anal and vaginal penetration, this makes them even more dangerous. The best thing to do is either use toys made from non-porous materials like steel, ABS plastic and silicone, or use those made from porous materials like PVC and jelly rubber, but with a condom. And cleaning your toys the best you can always helps.

You should know the chemical composition of your sex toys for two reasons: allergies and dangerous chemicals. The first one is simple to deal with - if youíre allergic to latex, donít use latex toys. But dangerous chemicals, like phthalates which are used for PVC toys, are harder to avoid, because even if the manufacturer declares its products phthalates-free, it still might not be the case. The best thing to do is avoid PVC altogether, as well as vinyl and jelly rubber. The least you can do if you donít want to avoid them is find a manufacturer you can actually trust.

No matter how much you like sex toys, when buying them you need to be able to make a good decision that goes beyond the size, shape and type of the toy. Itís important to think about the materials the toys are made from, as well, because they are what makes a difference between a toy thatís safe to use, and one thatís not.

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