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Taking Care of Sex Toys

Posted by Soiar on 1/6/2015

Sex toys are great fun. They are portable, they are convenient, and some of them can do things a living, breathing partner could never do. Sex toys are awesome. And for them to stay that way, youíll need to know how to take care of them. Depending on the material they are made from, they might require special storage considerations, as well as special cleaning considerations.

The easiest sex toys to maintain and store are those made from glass or metal. These materials are extremely non-porous, nonreactive, and durable, and you can wash them with antibacterial soap, clean them with antibacterial wipes, or even boil them in water - as long as you keep them from touching the bottom of the vessel youíre using to boil them. You should be careful, however, not to drop any glass toys on hard surfaces, as they could chip and later hurt you.

Silicone is also a great material thatís easy to clean. It can be boiled for a couple of minutes without damaging, and it can be cleaned with soap and wipes as well. And because itís a non-porous material, it cleans really well. Still, when storing silicone, you need to be careful to avoid contact with other toys, including silicone toys, as this might actually damage your silicone toy and make it more porous.

Jelly rubber is very porous, and it might contain chemicals that are not very safe for human use. Still, if you do choose to use jelly rubber toys, you should be ready to clean them extremely thoroughly. You canít boil them, and you canít use any harsh cleaners on them, like bleach. It might be a good idea to use jelly rubber toys with condoms, as it will make it less likely for the toy to become a breeding ground for bacteria.

As long as you take good care of your sex toys, they will keep taking good care of you. Of course, after some time, you will need to replace them with newer ones, but if you store and clean them properly, youíll get more than a good mileage out of them.

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